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The Balance Camp Team

facilitating fun for children & young adults with special needs


Carolyn Miller 

Chairperson Of Balance

Carolyn has been working with Balance for 20 years. Carolyn started as a gymnastics teacher for children with special needs. She then went into leisure management and consultancy, experience that contributes greatly to her role as chairperson of Balance. Carolyn now works as a full time florist, alongside her duties at Balance. Her role includes overseeing finances, overseeing the whole Balance organisation (camp and charity shop) and ensuring the smooth running of the charity.

Morgan O'Mahony

Head Camp Coordinator

Morgan holds a Bachelors degree in Education and works as a primary school teacher. Morgan began as a Camp Helper in 2011. He worked as a Camp Leader before being promoted to Camp Coordinator in 2020. His role includes taking care of children who need additional support, liaising with parents and looks after the day to day running of camp.


Ciara Mitchell

Camp Coordinator

Ciara is currently undertaking an Honors degree programme in Social Care Work.  She began camp in 2018. Ciara works in various aspects of the children's service in the Brothers of Charity and has previous work experience with adults with intellectual disabilities. Her role as camp coordinator will include; taking care of children who need additional support, organising daily camp acitivties, booking trips, organising camp excursions and liaising with parents.


Laura Cahill

Camp Coordinator

Laura holds a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Studies and is undertaking a masters degree in Primary School Teaching. Laura began camp in 2015 as a camp helper. She worked as a camp leader in 2019 before being promoted to camp coordinator. Laura's role will include; taking care of children who need additional support, liaising with parents, organising camp activities and looking after the day to day running of camp.



Our team also consists of our dedicated Balance staff. Many of our staff are trained or training primary school teachers. We also have students who are studying childcare and social care. Many staff members began as volunteers with the camp.


Balance Summer Camp would not be possible without the support of our volunteers. Volunteers are interviewed and selected based on their personal qualities and suitability for the position. Basic training is provided for volunteers at the beginning of camp.

We aim to provide the best care possible for our camp goers and all volunteers are overviewed by experienced staff. There is always a qualified carer, health care professional or teacher present.

All staff and volunteers are Garda vetted through the Balance organisation. 

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