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Enrolment Procedure

This year Balance Summer Applications will be made online. Follow the link here to apply. 

  • It is recommended to fill out the form on a laptop or computer (though you can fill it out on a mobile phone too). If you leave the application form you will be required to start again as changes will not be saved. 

  • All applications are time stamped. 

  • Apply as early as possible as due to growth of the camp in recent years we will not be able to accommodate all applicants. 

  • Applicants must be over 7 years old on July 6th 2020. 

  • Application Closing date is 31st March 2020 (any applications after this date will be automatically waitlisted). Allocation of dates and information about payment will be given shortly after this time.

  • Applications must be filled out in full. This will include sections on: contact information, medical information, physical requirements, behavioural needs, additional supports and camp dates. 

  • An incomplete application may result in delay your child’s place at camp, or could result in loss of place. 

  • Allocated dates must be honoured, i.e. no ‘drop- offs’ on weeks or days not allocated to those camp users.

  • If the camp users allocated dates do not suit, your child will then be put on a waiting list.

  • If the camp user wants additional dates, they will then be put on a waiting list.

  • Please note Balance Summer Camp is designed for children and young adults with moderate to severe special needs. Please include as much information as possible so that we can best provide for your child. This will not affect your child getting a place. 

  • Once application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation text within one week. If you do not receive a text please contact

  • If it's your child's first time attending Balance Summer Camp, a parent/ guardian MUST attend an Information Evening on Tuesday 9th June 2020, 7pm - 8pm at Chapel Gate Café, Ballincollig. Failure to attend this evening may result in loss of place. This evening is optional for parents/ guardians of returning campers. Any questions you have about the camp will be answered on the night. 

  • Please fill out one application per child. 

  • Submission of application does NOT guarantee a place at Balance Summer Camp. 

  • Please note: this year you will be required to sign your child in and out of camp for health and safety reasons. 

IMPORTANT: It is REQUIRED for you to read through our policies available here.  These include our code of behaviour, technology & social media safe use policy, safeguarding statement and policies & procedures document. You will be required to confirm that you have read and comply with these policies below. It is advisable that read them BEFORE starting the application as the application has to be completed in one go. 

IMPORTANT: It is REQUIRED for you to read through the full Data Protection Statement available here . This includes information on how your information will be stored. You will be required to confirm that you have read and comply with these policies below. Balance Summer Camp processes personal data relating to its camp goers for administrative and other purposes necessary for the management and functioning of the summer camp. Primarily, the camp processes your child’s personal data during the course of your application, admission and registration, for medical purposes, health and safety, contacting parents, organising camp excursions, emergency situations and fee collection.


  1. In cases where a behaviour plan is put in place by the camp user’s school/ day services, the camp co-ordinators must be informed upon application, as additional information may have to gathered from their school/ day service.

  2. For Health and Safety reasons, a fully informed plan/ decision will be gathered by including parents, carers, school staff and camp staff.

  3. Child behaviour is assessed for the duration of camp, and it may impact on future camp applications.

  4. During camp, an open communication will need to occur between camp co-ordinators and parents and carers. For example, if a child has had insufficient sleep, and is unable to actively take part in camp (more so than usual). Please be mindful of your child’s wellbeing and keep them at home if necessary. For Health and Safety reasons, we do not have staff numbers to designate a staff member to sit with a camp user while they sleep. Parents will be contacted.

Reviewed 31/1/2020

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