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Code of Behaviour

Aims of the Code of Behaviour

  • To ensure that the individuality of each child is accommodated, while acknowledging the right of each child to camp in a relatively disruption-free environment.

  • To facilitate the development of respect and tolerance for others.

  • To ensure the maintenance of good order throughout the camp and respect for the camp environment.

  • To encourage good home/camp communication and to foster a positive atmosphere in the camp.

  • To ensure the safety and well-being of all members of the camp community.

  • To ensure that the system of rules, rewards, and sanctions are implemented in a fair and consistent manner.

General Guidelines

Balance Summer Camp is a community consisting of children, young adults, staff, parents and other visitors to the camp. Each member of this community must be treated with respect and tolerance. The dignity and individuality of each member must be respected. The Code of Behaviour provides a framework to support this sense of community and wellbeing. Within it, school rules are kept to a minimum and are devised with regard to the health, welfare and safety of all. Many forms of positive reinforcement are used within the camp including praise, encouragement, acknowledgement, reward/merit, stickers/cards/stamps, prizes, etc.

Rules for Good Behaviour 

  • We will show kindness and respect to everyone in our camp.

  • Behaviour which puts myself or another in danger is absolutely forbidden.

  • Bullying is absolutely forbidden in our camp.

  • We are expected to show respect for our own property, the property of others and of the camp.

  • We will not use foul language within the camp grounds.

  • We will co-operate with instructions given by staff members.

  • We should not leave the yard/camp without permission.

  • We will not use mobile phones or electronic devices during the school day.

Guidelines for dealing with Inappropriate Behaviour

Inappropriate behaviour can range from misdemeanour to gross misbehaviour and is judged having regard to the pupil’s age, temperament, range of ability and other relevant factors. When imposing a sanction, the co-ordinators will make it clear to the child/ parent/ carer that it is the inappropriate behaviour which is unacceptable and not the individual concerned.
As a general rule, inappropriate behaviour in the summer camp is sanctioned by the camp co- ordinators within the camp.


When a child displays inappropriate behaviour, the following is a list of possible sanctions which may be used at the camp co-ordinators discretion:

  • Discussion/Reasoning with the child: the child is made aware that the behaviour is unacceptable.

  • The child may receive a verbal reprimand (including advice on how to improve).

  • A child may be temporarily separated from the group, peers, friends or others, and may be sent to another room.

  • Loss of privilege, to include loss of playtime if the indiscretion occurs in the yard.

  • Referral to camp co-ordinators.

  • Discuss with Parents.

  • Suspension (1 – 2 days)

  • Expulsion

Suspension & Explusion Policy


At the earliest possible time, the parents/guardians shall be informed of the difficulties regarding their child’s behaviour, the nature of the misbehaviour, and the sanctions being considered/to be imposed on the child. If necessary a meeting shall be arranged with the parents/guardians and the co-ordinator(s). If suspension is to be immediate (e.g. in the interest of health and safety) parents/guardians may be informed by phone or in person.


If the possibility of expulsion is going to arise it shall be considered within the context of Balance Summer Camp’s Code of Behaviour, a copy of which is made available to all parents/guardians at the time of the child’s enrolment to the camp and on the website.  At the earliest possible time, the parent(s)/guardian(s) shall be informed of the concerns around their camp users behaviour, the nature of the misbehaviour, the case against their child, and the sanctions being considered. Parents/Guardians shall be invited to attend a meeting with Balance Summer Camp Management.

Reviewed 26/02/19

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